Meat is murder

In 1985 the Smiths released their official second studio album "Meat Is Murder" after their untitled debut album and a compilation titled "Hatful Of Hollow".  Let's see what contributed in 1985 to the history of music. It's the quartet formed by Morrissey on vocals, Johnny Marr on guitar, Andy Rourke on bass and Mike Joyce on drums.

 "The headmaster ritual" opens with a clear criticism of Morrissey towards British education, something that Pink Floyd has done before with their "The Wall" album a few years ago. One of the best songs from the Smiths. The other brilliant song here is “That joke isn't funny anymore”

"Nowhere fast" may be partly a preview of "The Queen Is Dead", since here Morrissey mentions that "I would like to lower my pants in front of the queen". One of the great hidden gems of the album is "Well I wonder". A slow ballad. In any case, the song is once again an ode to despair, resulting in a marvelous Johnny Marr acoustic guitar line. In "Meat Is Murder" Morrissey makes an apology for his vegetarianism. It is a slow piece. In any case, it is a good disk closure.

The key to "Meat Is Murder" is that it's confirming The Smiths as one of the great groups of the decade. What perhaps nobody sensed is that the group would not advance beyond 2 years seen and in 1987 they would disintegrate because of the fragile egos balance between Morrissey and Marr. Morrissey went solo and Marr joined the bands The The and Electronic for a short period and worked with other artists including The Pretenders, Bryan Ferry (with a reworked Smiths song "Money Changes Everything" titled as "The Right Stuff").
 Meat Is Murder
The Headmaster Ritual / Rusholme Ruffians / I Want the One I Can't Have / What She Said / That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore / Nowhere Fast / Well I Wonder / Barbarism Begins at Home / Meat Is Murder

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