Melllow Yellow

Mellow Yellow is the fourth album by Donovan from 1967 that was never released in the Uk because of a contractual dispute with his british record company. Again an album by the most underrated artists of the 60′s. Psychedelic folk and pop at it’s absolute best with some of the most interesting fun songs I have ever heard. According to a recent biography (“Darker Than The Deepest Sea: The Search For Nick Drake”), the album was a significant influence on Nick Drake. We are getting the typical folk sounds from Donovan again produced by Mickie Most.image
The happy hit single “Mellow Yellow” which in 2015 became the anthem for the Minions from that popular animation movie,  A typical medieval ballad: “Writer in the Sun", Some influences from jazz and blues,  "House of Jansch" is a tribute to Bert Jansch from Pentangle, sadness in “Young Girl’s Blues”,  medieval harpsichords on “Hampstead Incident”. Closing with the wonderful “Sunny South Kensington”.
Mellow Yellow (1967)
Mellow Yellow / Writer In The Sun / Sand And Foam / The Observer / Blead City Woman / House Of Jansch / Young Girl Blues / Museum / Hampstead Incident / Sunny South Kensington

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