Rock Bottom

Robert Wyatt started his career in Soft Machine and then with Matching Mole part of the legendary Canterbury music scene. Always with a fusion of experimental jazz rock, psychedelic rock and progressive rock. Robert hit a rock bottom in his life when falling out of a fourth floor window on an early summer evening in 1973. He broke his spine and became paralized and had to stay in a hospital for eight months. In this period he started writing new songs that were used for his solo career. "Rock Bottom" was produced by Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason and released in 1974. The result was a experimental jazzy, minimalistic album. It is his second solo album after "The End Of An Ear" from 1970. It also included "Sea Song" which was later covered by  Tears for Fears in the 80's.
It is his masterpiece. There is no way to describe this accurately. Millions of overlayered synths and guitars and  trumpets flow back and forth, placing you in an oniiric trance that can be best described as floating undisturbed in an alien ocean. All then enriched and intensified by Robert's broken and vulnerable vocals.

Rock Bottom
Sea Song / A Last Straw / Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road / Alifib / Alife / Little Red Robin Hood Hit the Road

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