Love me with your head and heart

Iain David McGeachy was born in New Malden, Surray. He adopted the artist name John Martyn. He moved to London in the mid 60's where a folk revival was started with artists like Ralph McTell, Bert Jansch and Al Stewart. He released his first album "London Conversation" at the age of 20. Already a brilliant album. His second album "The Tumbler" produced bij Al Stewart was a change in style and a mixture of styles. During the tour of his second album he met Beverly Kutner. He married her and released two albums together with her. "Stormbringer" and "The Road To Ruin" with help from Levon Helm and Pentangle basist Danny Thompson. A third album by the duo was never released by the fact the record company didn't like her voice and she became pregnant and wanted to take care of their children.

So he returned to his solo career and he finally had his big breakthrough. His third album was titled "Bless The Weather" and was released in 1971. He incorporated many styles like jazz, folk, blues and rock and experimented a lot. He already recorded the song "May You Never" during this album which finally was released on his next album "Solid Air" and later covered by Eric Clapton on his famous "Slowhand" album. "Bless The Weather" was mainly acoustic with beautiful guitar playing by John. It included the hit "Head And Heart" which was later covered by the band America and his first experiments with the echoplex in "Glistening Glyndebourne".

Bless The Weather

Go Easy / Bless The Weather / Sugar Lump / Walk On The Water / Just Now / Head And Heart / Let The Good Things Come / Back Down The River / Glistening Glyndebourne / Singing In The Rain

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