Ram on

Paul and Linda in the studio

Paul McCartney's second album is already a masterpiece titled “Ram” released in 1971. A title that reflects Paul and Linda’s lifestyle on the countryside. 

The album is also labeled as Paul and Linda McCartney. Perhaps as a response to the John and Yoko albums for example on the song "Dear Boy" which probably refers to John Lennon. At the time, for some reason, both of these former bandmates were making a habit of fighting their battles through the medium of music. 
Paul and Linda at their farm
In those days the album had bad critics but after all these years it appears to be perhaps Paul’s best album. Songs about the country life and family life were dominating this album. On “Monkberry Moon Delight” Paul and Linda’s daugther Heather did backing vocals. It also includes the hitsingle “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” which is a medley of ideas into one song. “Too Many People” was probably about John and Yoko and their macrobiotic food diet. “Long Haired Lady” is a ballad dedicated to Linda. “Another Day” was also recorded at that time as an exclusive single. Most of the songs got an accoustic approach. 
Another Day - Exclusive single

In The UK, Spain, Norway, Netherlands and Canada the album reached the #1 spot.In 1977, McCartney supervised the release of an instrumental interpretation of Ram (recorded back in June 1971 and arranged by Richard Hewson) titled "Thrillington" released under the pseudonym of Percy "Thrills" Thrillington.

Too Many People / 3 Legs / Ram On / Dear Boy / Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey / Smile Away / Heart of the Country / Monkberry Moon Delight / Eat at Home / Long Haired Lady / Ram On / The Back Seat of My Car

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