Sally can’t dance no more

Lou Reed’s solo album from 1974 titled “Sally Can’t Dance” is a comeback to a more commercial sound in comparison with his previous album “Berlin”. Other facts are that this time no songs of the Velvet Underground has been used and it’s the first time he recorded in the United States. The album went to #10 in the US and therefore his best sold album but nowadays least known album. Lou Reed wasn’t satisfied with the production and perhaps he didn’t wanted to become commercially. Probably that’s why his next album is the worst thing he ever made “Metal Machine Music” which is mainly loud noise without melody.
But back to “Sally Can’t Dance” on “N.Y. Stars” he showed his anger towards fourth rate imitatators who made a parody on Lou claiming he was empty with no surface and no dept. “Kill Your Sons” is about his stay in a psychatric hospital as a teenager insisted by his parents. Also “Billy” goes back to his youth about a schoolmate with normal ambitions compared with Lou and going for a Ph.D. They broke up because Lou wasn’t probably the right friend. Also the tragedy in life is described on the title song where Sally can’t get on the dance floor again because she’s too high on drugs at first than she leads a life hanging out with the rich people. In general this album ranks as one of his best in my opinion but probably not for Lou.

Sally Can’t Dance
Ride Sally Ride / Animal Language / Baby Face / N.Y. Stars / Kill Your Sons / Ennui / Sally Can’t Dance / Billy / Good Taste / Sally Can’t Dance

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