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Scene out of the video from Army Dreamers

Kate Bush released her third album in 1980. Titled "Never For Ever". Her second album "The Lion Heart" was a continuation of the style of her first album but didn't make much impression. So we can hear a change in direction but still we hear the well known fairytale sound in which we can dream away! The album is much better produced than her previously albums, because she produced it herself together with Jon Kelly. She definitely wanted more control over the results.
Breathing - Single
Babooshka - Single
Army Dreamers - Single

Of course their is the well known “Babooshka” about a woman who’s testing her husband if he is faithful to her. But we can also here a darker side of her on “Blow Away (For Bill)” a song in honour of her lighting director Bill Duffield, killed in an accident at Poole Arts Centre during her 1979 tour. “Wedding List” in which a frustrated bride is responsible for the slaughter of the whole wedding party. Her obsession with the violin and Egypt on “Violin” and "Egypt". In “All We Ever Look For” and “Army Dreamers” we begin to see a transition to give commentary on the world around her and “Breathing” in which the singer is dying of radium following an atomic blast. "The Infant Kiss" is a short little ballad about an older woman's relationship or obsession with a young boy.

In chart positions everything was perfect. “Never For Ever” reached #1 in the UK and #4 in the Netherlands.

Original album cover

Never For Ever
Babooshka / Delius (Song of Summer) / Blow Away (For Bill) / All We Ever Look For / Egypt / The Wedding List / Violin / The Infant Kiss / Night Scented Stock / Army Dreamers / Breathing

Breathing - video
Babooshka - video
Army Dreamers - video

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