Peter Gabriel's first albums

Picture from 1980
After "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" 1974 double album and a tour in 1975 Peter Gabriel left Genesis to start his solo career at the age of 25. The first 4 albums didn't have titles but throughout the years the albums have been nicknamed. Bob Ezrin became his producer for his first album who already produced for Kiss, Alice Cooper and Aerosmith. Robert Fripp and Tony Levin from King Crimson were recruited as guitarist and drummer. It was released in 1977.
Solsbury Hill single cover
The first album starts with "Moribund The Burgermeister" which sounds like a 70's Genesis song. Followed by the hit single "Solsbury Hill". "Humdrum" introduced his sound of future albums.The album ends with the balad "Here Comes The Flood". "Modern Love" is more in the style of his second album. Overall this album is a mix of styles searching for a right direction in his solo career.
First album cover
Moribund The Burgermeister / Solsbury Hill / Modern Love / Excuse Me / Humdrum / Slowburn / Waiting For The Big One / Down The Dolce Vita / Here Comes The Flood
D.I.Y. single cover
The second album from 1978 has more rock songs and ballads starting with 2 songs released as singles. The influence of Robert Fripp is hearible and he also produced the album. But Robert Fripp left Peter Gabriel's band after this album.
Second album cover
On The Air / D.I.Y. / Mother Of Violence / A Wonderful Day In A One-Way World / White Shadow / Indigo / Animal Magic / Exposure / Flotsam And Jetsam / Perspective / Home Sweet Home

Games Without Frontiers single cover
His third album was his breakthrough and first album of the 80's released in 1980. He introduced a completely different style here which will become his trade mark with african percussions. Steve Lillywhite produced the album. He already made U2 famous and also produced for Kate Bush. "Games Without Frontiers" was released as a single and a protest against war and how politics justify the war. Kate Bush did backing vocals on this song.  "Family Snapshot"  a song about the almost murdered political activist Georg Wallace. Phil Collins played gated drums on the first song "Intruder" which could be heared later on his "In The Air Tonight" hit single as well. Paul Weller (Jam/Style Council) played guitar on "And Through The Wire". It also includes his well known “Biko”.

Third album cover
Intruder / No Self Control / Start / I Don't Remember / Family Snapshot / And Through The Wire / Games Without Frontiers / Not One Of Us / Lead A Normal Life / Biko 
I Have The Touch single cover
 His fourth album from 1982 continued the new style but with longer tracks and more use of synths. 
Fourth album cover
The Rhythm Of The Heat / San Jacinto / I Have The Touch / The Family And The Fishing Net / Shock The Monkey / Lay Your Hands On Me / Wallflower / Kiss Of Life

In 1985 he recorded music for the drama movie Birdy directed by Alan Parker featuring Nicolas Cage about Vietnam veterans. The soundtrack was made up with songs from the movie as well as instrumental versions of songs from albums 3 and 4 with alternative titles.

"Close up" is "Family Snapshot", "Birdy's Flight" is "Not One Of Us", "The Heat" ("Rythm Of The Heat"), "Under Lock And Key" ("Wallflower"), "Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain" ("San Jacinto").

Birdy album cover
At Night / Floating Dogs / Quiet And Alone / Close Up / Slow Water / Dressing The Wound / Birdy's Flight / Slow Marimbas / The Heat / Sketchpad With Trumpet And Voice / Under Lock And Key / Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain 
Original video clip for "Games Without Frontiers"

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