Red Box is a British pop band formed by Simon Toulson-Clarke and Julian Close that started under the name Harlequins then Red Box. Red is a political colour, Square (box) is an old North American Indian term for “white man”. Circle is the term indians used for “man” before the europeans arrived in North America.
Lean On Me single cover
Based on this they released their first of 2 albums ever titled “The Circle And The Square” in 1986.
Musically rich, particularly when it comes to the vocal stylings of Simon Toulson Clarke backed up with a small chorus of talented singers. You literally feel every word they are singing. “Saskatchewan” and “Chenko” are the most clearly native american sounding songs on the disc. Chenko is a tune about the native american plight and “Saskatchewan” is a cover of a Buffy Sainte-Marie original. “Leaders In Seventh Heaven” is probably something you never heared before on a pop album. A marching band song! Three of the songs - "For America", "Lean On Me" and "Heart Of The Sun" were hits in the UK.
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The albums exists of many ethnic rhythms and influenced by world music. The quality of songwriting is so strong on this album, just when you think you’ve nailed a song it seems to move away in an unexpected direction. Driving drums and delicate piano refrains, a superb ‘big choir’ boom out and fade into a brass band - it’s so experimental yet made accessible with catchy tunes.
Heart Of The Sun single cover
Definitely one of the most overlooked albums ever!
Original album cover
The Circle & The Square
For America / Heart of the Sun / Billy's Line / Bantu / Living in Domes / Lean on Me Reprise / Chenko (tenka-io) / Lean on Me (ah-li-ayo) / Saskatchewan / Leaders In Seventh Heaven / Walk Walk / Amen
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