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 After the success of the album “Atom Heart Mother” from 1970 EMI decided it was time to release a compilation of 60’s Pink Floyd material titled “Relics”. It would not be a greatest hits album because they only had two hit singles. But it's a fine collection of the psychedelic 60's of Pink Floyd.

Promo for Relics in the USA
These hit singles are the first two singles with Syd Barrett: “Arnold Layne” and “See Emily Play” which were never released on any album before. They released more singles but without success. Pink Floyd became famous for their albums not their singles. That’s probably why of the exclusive singles from the 60’s they put the B-Sides on the album. The other single A-Side on the album is “The Nile Song” from the soundtrack of the movie “More”. ”Remember A Day” was the B-Side of  “Let There Be More Light” and the only track from “A Saucerful Of Secrets”. The only single of which neither an A or B Side was included on this album is “Flaming/The Gnome” from 1967.
Promo for Arnold Layne single
“Instellar Overdrive” and “Bike” are tracks from “Piper At The Gates Of Dawn”. The compilation overlooked the album “Ummagumma”.
Promo for See Emily Play single
As a whole if feels like a complete Pink Floyd album and is great compilation from the early Pink Floyd.
Promo for Apples And Oranges single
Horrible Australian and US album covers
The original UK album cover is a sketch by drummer Nick Mason. But in the the US and some countries like Australia they used different horrible album covers.

Pink Floyd singles of the 60's:
  • Arnold Layne / Candy and a Currant Bun (1967)
  • See Emily Play / The Scarecrow (1967)
  • Flaming / The Gnome (1967)
  • Apples And Oranges / Paintbox (1967)
  • It Would Be So Nice / Julia Dream (1968)
  • Let There Be More Light / Remember A Day (1968)
  • Point Me At The Sky / Careful With That Axe, Eugene (1968)
  • The Nile Song / Ibiza Bar (1969)
Point Me At The Sky single cover
It Would Be So Nice single cover
Original album cover by Nick Mason
Arnold Layne / Instellar Overdrive / See Emily Play / Remember A Day / Paintbox / Julia Dream /  Careful With That Axe, Eugene / Cirrus Minor / The Nile Song /  Biding My Time / Bike

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