Back Together And Bigger Than Ever

In 1976 Hall & Oates released their fifth album titled "Bigger Than Both Of Us". They've become real pop stars after their previous untitled album and still searching for a unique style.
Back Together Again - single cover
The first half of the album gives us the typical Philly Soul we also heared on their previous album.
It starts with celebrating the comeback of Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons with "Back Together Again". They had a #1 hit in the US with "Rich Girl" which was originally about a silver spoon-type male. One of co-writer Sara Allen's boyfriends. Hall changed it from a boy to a girl in the song. The other single was "Do What You Want, Be What You Are" which was later covered by The Dramatics in 1979. "Kerry" and "London, Luck & Love" (inpired after touring through the UK) could've been released as a single as well. "Room To Breathe" is a rock song. The album closer "Falling" starts as a slow soul ballad and changing into a Vangelis kinda cosmic synthesizer song. "Bigger Than Both Of Us" was a real pop album that was more commercial then their previous album and the right follow-up album.
Rich Girl - single cover
They also recorded a song titled "Bigger Than Both Of Us" but that wasn't used on the album and was released on their next album "Beauty On A Back Street" in 1978.
Original album cover
Bigger Than Both Of Us
Back Together Again / Rich Girl / Crazy Eyes / Do What You Want, Be What You Are / Kerry / London Luck & Love / Room to Breathe / You'll Never Learn / Falling

Rich girl - live

Do What You Want, Be What You Are


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