Primitive Man

In 1977 Iva Davies formed the band Flowers in Sydney together with bass player Keith Welsh. In 1978 they also recruited Michael Hoste on keyboards and Don Brown on drums. They were becoming very famous in the pub circuit covering songs by Bowie, Roxy Music, T-Rex, Lou Reed, Ultravox and Brian Eno. In 1979 Don was replaced by John Lloyd (ex-Paul Kelly and the Dots) and Michael was replaced by Anthony Smith. In 1980 they released their first single titled "Can't Help Myself" which charted in the Australian top 10. It was soon followed by their debut album titled "Icehouse" reaching #4 in their homecountry. Further singles "We Can Get Together" and "Walls" from Icehouse also hit the Top 20.
Debut album: Flowers - Icehouse (left) /  Icehouse (right)
Then in 1981 they signed to Chrysalis Records to release their work all over the world. Due to legal issues they were forced to change the name of the band due to confusions with a Scottish band named Flowers. So they used the name of their debut album as a band name. The single "Icehouse" would become their first international single release.
Band line-up 1981
At the end of 1981 Icehouse split up which means that both founders Iva Davies and Keith Welsh break up. Keith Welsh would become producer for bands like Do-Ré-Mi and Boom Crash Opera.
Hey Little Girl - single cover
In september 1982 Icehouse released their second album. Originally it was intended to become the first solo album by lead singer Iva Davies. The album included their first worldwide hit "Hey Little Girl" reaching #7 in their homecountry Australia and #13 in the Netherlands. The album was re-released a year later as "Love In Motion" with the same tracks except for "Break These Chains" being replaced by "Love In Motion" and a different running order and the album cover was taken from the "Hey Little Girl" video promo. The album moves away from the rock style of their debut album and changing into atmospheric synth pop. "Street Cafe" is an ode to their pub rock period. "Great Southern Land" which includes the title of the album refers to the Aboriginals and their homecountry. In the last song "Goodnight Mr. Matthews" Iva refers to John Lennon's songwriting and singing style.
Band line-up 1983
Davies re-assembled the band Icehouse for their live tour as support act for David Bowie's Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983. He took back Hoste and Lloyd an added Robert Kretschmer (guitar, backing vocals), Guy Pratt (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Andy Qunta (keyboards, backing vocals). This line-up would give Iva more success throughout the 80's and early 90's. Icehouse remains one of the most important australian bands in the world among INXS, Little River Band, Men at work, Midnight Oil and Flash & the pan.
Primitive Man - album cover
Love In Motion - album cover
Primitive Man (Austrialian tracklisting)
Great Southern Land / Uniform / Street Café / Hey Little Girl / Glam / Trojan Blue / One By One / Break These Chains / Mysterious Thing / Goodnight Mr. Matthews

Primitive Man / Love In Motion (International tracklisting)
Uniform / Street Café / Hey, Little Girl / Glam / Great Southern Land / Trojan Blue / Love In Motion / Mysterious Thing / One By One / Goodnight, Mr. Matthews

Hey Little Girl - Video

Break These Chains

Street Cafe - Video

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