For frenz of the Enz

In late 1972 Tim Finn and Phil Judd formed the mainly accoustic band Split Ends in New Zealand and had success in New Zealand and Australia. By the time they scored in Australia as well the name of the band was changed into Split Enz. Their style was very artsy and theatrical and when they performed live they were dressed in funny costumes with painted faces.
Split Enz in the early 70's
"Frenzy" would be the band’s biggest success to date and is a transitional album between the arty approach of the first 3 albums (Mental Notes, Second Thoughts and Dizrhythmia) and its subsequent worldwide-scale releases. By the time the album was released in 1979 the album was only released in Australia and New Zealand and finally in 1982 it was worldwide released by A&M Records.
The album mainly contains Tim Finn compositions and is a step forwards into new wave music. As a set of songs there is really no finer album in the Enz catalogue and the band was in top form. The album originally contained 12 tracks but they have made 50 more songs by the time they started to record the album. So there would've been enough for a double album.
You can hear the humour of the irresistible "Gruppo Sportivo" (from The Netherlands) in "Master Plan" and the melancholy of "Fisher-Z" during the start of "Famous Plan" is evident as well. The first single released in 1978 before the album was the debut of Tim Finn's younger brother Neil Finn titled "I See Red". Neil also does lead vocals on the album on "Give It a Whirl" and "Master Plan". "Abu Dhabi" is about the oil business. One of the true gems on this album is "Stuff and Nonsense" a piano ballad on which Tim sings. We also get the funny "Hermit McDermitt”, “Holy Smoke” is a country flavoured song that sounds like the later Crowded House formed by Neil Finn in the 80's and “Marooned” sounds a little shipwrecked as a song. “She’s got body, she’s got soul” is a great dance number. “Betty” is a sad song about desperation and frustrated ambition. The album finishes with punk-sounding "Mind over Matter".

The album was followed by an exclusive single "Things"/"Semi Detached" in 1979.

The album covers shows the band as they are. They wanted to make clear that they don't wear customes and painted their faces anymore. The band was dissatisfied with the original mix of the album and therefore it was remixed in 1981 by Eddie Rayner. Side one of the remixed album were tracks from the original album and side two from the “The Rootin’ Tootin’ Luton Tapes”. This version of the album was released in 1982 shortly but was replaced soon after with the original album again.
Original album cover
Frenzy (1979)
I See Red / Give It a Whirl / Master Plan / Famous People / Hermit McDermitt / Stuff And Nonsense / Marooned / Frenzy / The Roughest, Toughest Game in the World / She Got Body She Got Soul / Betty / Abu Dhabi / Mind Over Matter

Stuff And Nonsense

Master Plan

Hermit McDermitt

I See Red

Things (exclusive single)

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