I'm no hero

In 1979 Cliff Richard had a comeback with the hit "We Don't Talk Anymore". A song written and arranged by Alan Tarney who is also responsible for the success of Leo Sayer in the 80's as well as Barbara Dickson. 

In 1980 Alan produced an entire album for Cliff Richard titled "I'm No Hero". Eventually the release of this album was more important for Alan Tarney then Cliff Richard. It helped him to introduce the world to the norwegian A-ha later in the 80's which became his biggest discovery.

Original single cover

The first single to be released from the album was "Dreamin'" reaching #8 in the UK, #15 in the Netherlands and #10 in the USA. Also "A Little in Love" did very well in the charts. Inbetween he released a duet "Suddenly" with Olivia Newton-John, from the film Xanadu. The songs on "I'm No Hero" follow the same formula and had that typical Alan Tarney sound. "Give A Little Bit More" is also of a high standard just like the emotional ballad "A Heart Will Break".

Original single cover

The videos for "We Don't Talk Anymore", "A Little in Love", and "Dreamin'" were among the first to be played by MTV upon its launch in 1981. So Cliff became a video star as well.

For a short time Cliff Richard was back in the charts and a real rock star. This is probably his most interesting album deserving full listening. His next album from 1981 "Wired For Sound" also produced by Alan Tarney was not as strong as "I'm No Hero" but at least resulted in another hitsingle with the title song. 

US album cover

The album itself reached #4 in the UK, #17 in the Netherlands.

In 1986 Cliff had his last hit reaching #1 in the UK and other countrief by teaming up with The Young Ones to re-record his old hit "Living Doll".

Original album cover 

I'm No Hero (1980)
Take Another Look / Anything I Can Do / A Little In Love / Here (So Doggone Blue) / Give A Little Bit More / In The Night / I'm No Hero / Dreamin' / A Heart Will Break / Everyman

We Don't Talk Anymore

Take Another Look

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