Nilsson Schmilsson

Harry Nilsson his career was a huge success from the start being mentioned in an interview with the Beatles in New York for the introduction of their Apple 🍏 label in May 1968. Throughout his career he was called the fifth Beatle, the blond Beatle or the American Beatle. When asked to the Beatles who their favorite American artist is Lennon answered “Nilsson” and their favorite American band McCartney answered “Nilsson” as well. On his debut album Harry covered “She’s Leaving Home” and “You Can’t Do That” in which he is mentioning 23 other Beatle songs. Harry also loved the work of Randy Newman and released a full album in 1970 of songs from Randy long before the world knew who Newman was.

Nilsson in 1971

The Beatles wanted to contract Harry on their Apple 🍏 label but his record company RCA refused. But he became close friends with John Lennon and Ringo Starr. The band Badfinger was actually contracted by the apple 🍏 label. They recorded the song “Without You” which was only an album track from their second album “No Dice”. Besides Nilsson the song was later badly covered by Mariah Carey. 

Nilsson and Lennon

Harry covered it for his album “Nilsson Schmilsson” in 1971 and rewarding him with his first #1 hit in both the USA and UK. It was also his biggest hitsingle in the Netherlands reaching #11. While Badfinger themselves never managed to get a real hitsingle. Also the funny reggae song “Coconut” was very successful. The opener “Gonna Get Up”  and "Early In The Morning" are referring to the front cover of the album where Harry is wearing his morning robe and is waking up. You can hear a George Harrison kinda song about a commuter meditation on “Driving Along”. "The Moonbeam Song" is sounding like the Beach Boys including Harry's own voice many times to create the close harmony effect. The song "Down" let's us down as in the weakest song on the album.

Without You - EP

“Jump Into The Fire” is probably the best song on the album. The album is perfect to start the day. That’s probably what Nilsson is also suggesting by the front cover.

Backside of the LP cover

In 1977 Nilsson made his last good album “Knnillssonn” in which he spells his name incorrectly. If so many people spell his name incorrectly so why can’t he do the same. His last album “Flash Harry” was released in 1980 after the murder of Lennon in which made Nilsson to start an anti-weapon campaign and quit from the music business.

Original album front cover
Nilsson Schmilsson
Gotta Get Up / Driving Along / Early In The Morning / The Moonbeam Song / Down / Without You / Coconut / Let The Good Times Roll / Jump Into The Fire / I'll Never Leave You

Without You

Gotta Get Up


Moonbeam Song

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