Wendy & Lisa

 Wendy Melvoin was born together with Susannah Melvoin on January 26th in 1964 as twins in LA (California). They also had a brother named Jonathan who later would become touring keyboard player with the Smashing Pumpkins. Their father Michael was a jazz pianist and also former president of NARAS (a recording academy) that introduced the Grammy Awards for rewarding achievements in the music industry. So they were a very musical family.

Lisa Coleman was born on August 17th in 1960 in LA (California). Her mother Marylou Unda-Ciletti was a Mexican-American visual artist and her father Gary L. Coleman an Anglo-American session musician who was part of the collective The Wrecking Crew in the 60's and 70's together with Mike Melvoin. Their families became close with each other and often played and recorded together. Lisa started her career as keyboard player in the band Waldorf Salad together with Jonathan Melvoin. They managed to get a record contract with A&M Records in 1973.

Susannah, Michael, Wendy and Jonathan Melvoin in 1984

In 1980 Prince replaced Gayle Chapman from his touring band with Lisa Coleman on keyboards and piano. Guitarist Dez Dickerson left the band from Prince in 1983 and he was replaced by Wendy Melvoin. She already replaced Dez when he didn't show up at a soundcheck. The album that followed changed them into superstars as Prince and The Revolution. That album is of course the best know album by Prince "Purple Rain" from 1984. Prince even started dating with Wendy's twin sister Susannah at that time. Wendy and Lisa made another 2 albums with Prince: "Around The World In A Day" (1985) and "Parade" (1986). Then lots of tension started to arise between Prince and the Revolution. One of the reasons was his relationship with Susannah Melvoin and his behavour towards Wendy, Lisa and drummer Bobby Z. Wendy and Lisa were invited for dinner by Prince at his rented home in Beverly Hills and fired them both. Susannah left the Revolution as well when her relationship with Prince ended. Bobby Z was replaced by Sheila E by Prince. Brownmark was asked to stay but also left. Only Matt Fink stayed with Prince. But the band that gave Prince his worldwide succes was no more.

Wendy, Prince and Lisa

Bobby Z helped Wendy and Lisa with the recording of their debut album in 1987. He co-wrote five tracks for the album and also co-produced the whole album with Wendy and Lisa. Susannah Melvoin co-wrote "Honeymoon Express" that was released as a single.

Waterfall - single cover

In the US the single "Waterfall" reached #56 and in the UK #66. More success for the single was achieved in the Netherlands #17, Belgium #15 and Italy #13 and other European countries. Another single was released in Europe titled "Sideshow" reaching #34 in the Netherland and #25 in Italy. "The Life" was later re-recorded as "This Is The Life" in 1995 produced by Trevor Horn and released as a single for the soundtrack of the movie "Dangerous Minds".

European album cover
US album cover

Wendy and Lisa (1987)
Honeymoon Express / Sideshow / Waterfall / Stay / White / Blues Away / Song About / Chance to Grow / The Life / Everything But You / Light

Waterfall / The Life
Sideshow / Chance To Grow
Honeymoon Express / To Trip Is To Fall




Honeymoon Express

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