Hot Streets

In 1978 Chicago released their 10th studio album and 12th album overall (IV was a live triple album and IX a greatest hits album). 

Donnie Dacus in 1978

They broke with producer James William Guercio after the release of the album "XI". They felt he had taken advantage of them financially. Then in January 1978 guitarist Terry Kath died when he accidentaly shot himself a roadie's house while playing with a gun. The loss of one of the founders and leader of the band was a drama for the band. At that point the band almost decided to break up the band. But they were sure they still had a lot to offer to the world.

No Tell Lover - single cover

They managed to find a new guitarist named Donnie Dacus. He worked with Boz Scaggs, Roger McGuinn and Stephen Stills before joining them. Phil Ramone became the co-producer together with he band themselves. It was the era of the disco music with the movie Saturday Night Fever including the Bee Gees. The Bee Gees also sung on "Little Miss Lovin" for the album as well as their keyboard player: Blue Weaver. He appeared on "No Tell Lover" and "Show Me The Way". The Bee Gees were recording their next album "Spirits Having Flown" in the same Miami studio at that same moment. In return the horn section of Chicago performed on "Too Much Heaven" from the Bee Gees. The opener of the album is the lead-off single "Alive Again" which brought Chicago to #14 in the US. James Pankow wrote it "originally as a love song but ultimately as recognition of Kath's guiding spirit shining down from above". "No Tell Lover" by Peter Cetera also managed to reach #14 in the US.

Gone Long Gone - single cover

Since this could be seen as a new beginning for the band they made some changes. For the title and cover of the album they broke up with traditions. It was the first album not to be numbered and was titled "Hot Streets". A picture of the band appeared on the front cover instead of an interpretation of the Chicago logo like all previous albums.

Backside of the LP cover

Their concern that they wouldn't score without Terry Kath was wrong and the album reached #12 in the US. After the release of their next album 13 Donnie Dacus already left the band. 

Overall, an album which must have taken a lot of courage to make under the circumstances.

Original album cover

Hot Streets (1978)
Alive Again / The Greatest Love on Earth / Little Miss Lovin' / Hot Streets / Take a Chance / Gone Long Gone / Ain't It Time / Love Was New / No Tell Lover / Show Me the Way

No Tell Lover

Alive Again

Love Was New

Little Mis Lovin' - live in 1978

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