Neu! '75

Neu! which is german for new was the name of the krautrock band founded in 1971 by Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger in Düsseldorf. The word neu was the most used word in the advertising business in Düsseldorf. After leaving the band Kraftwerk that already released 3 albums which are by now not worldwide released (1, 2, Ralf und Florian) they formed their own band produced by Conny Plank. Conny Plank was also producer of other krautrock bands like Kraftwerk and Cluster. 

Klaus Dinger (left) and Michael Rother (right)

Their first 2 albums were "Neu!" and "Neu! 2" without real titles just like Kraftwerk's first 2 albums.

In 1975 the third album by Krautrock band Neu! was released titled '75.  In the same year Kraftwerk released their album "Autobahn". It's their last album from the seventies and their own krautrock style.

Dinger prefered rock influenced music while Rother was more into ambient and the early style of Neu!. So a compromise was worked out that side one of the LP included the style of the first 2 albums by Neu! Rother with Dinger on drums and side two is more rock influenced with Dinger on lead vocals and Thomas Dinger and Hans Lampe both on drums.  The rsult was the best and balanced Neu! album ever but also the last.

Backside of the CD

The style of the song "Hero" was picked up by many artist as an inspiration including David Bowie who was impressed by krautrock at the and of the seventies and recorded 3 albums in Berlin. The title of the second album he produced in Berlin with Brian Eno was titled "Heroes". Eno released an album in 1975 inspired by germany's krautrock titled "Another Green World". Also John Lydon from the Sex Pistols was inspired by the band. The band Negativland was named after a song on the first album from Neu! and used another songtitle from Neu! from '75 for their record label called "Seeland".

"Isi" is actualy easy phonatically or a shortened version of the name Isabella, "Seeland" means sea land or lake land. "Leb' wohl" means farewell. "E. Music" is in german and  means "ernste Music" which means serious music. "After eight" refers not to those thin chocolates with mint taste but is a reference to the number 9 which of course follows after 8.

Eno with Hamornia (Moebius, Rother and Roedelius)

After this album it was clear that a split between Rother and Dinger was anavoidable. Rother went solo helpded by Eno and also formed Harmonia together with Moebius and Rodelius from Cluster before the release of '''75". While Klaus Dinger and his brother Thomas with Hans Lampe formed La Düsseldorf.

Original album cover

Neu! '75 (1975)
Isi / Seeland / Leb' Wohl / Hero / E-Musik / After Eight

Leb' Wohl



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