A trick of the tail

Peter Gabriel announced his departure at a press meeting during their "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" word tour in Cleveland (Ohio) in January 1976. He wanted to start working on his first solo album. He also left during the recording sessions of "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" but returned for this world tour.

".…And then there were four…"

Genesis in 1976 with Yes drummer Bill Bruford

Steve Hacket was also absent when the band started working on their next album: "A Trick Of The Tail". Steve was finishing his solo album which would become "Voyage Of The Acolyte". Mike Rutherford, Phil Collins and Tony Banks started jamming in a rehearsal studio in Acton, West London. By the time Steve turned up three days later, they’d written most of "Dance On A Volcano" and "Squonk". Without Peter Gabriel's vocals the band had to find a new vocalist. Besides that they had to prove that they could continue their brilliant sympho rock without Peter. Meanwhile Phil Collins appears to be the most appropiate one to do vocals and they couldn't find anyone else. On earlier albums he sometimes got the chance to sing a single song. But the search for a new singer was unfruitful and it was decided that Phil was the new vocalist of the band.

Ripples - single cover

The opener "Dance On The Volcano" was similar in tune like songs on "Lamb Lies Down On Broadway". Steve Hackett came up with "Entangled". "Squonk" is based on a North American tale about the Squonk, a creature, that dissolved into a a pool of tears when captured. "Robbery, Assault and Battery" was inspired by Phil Collin's role as the Artful Dodger in the musical Oliver before he became a professional musician. The title track was inspired by the novel "The Inheritors" by William Golding, the song "Getting Better" by the Beatles and an alien visiting earth. The closing song "Los Endos" was written by the whole band including reprises of "Dance on A Volcano", "Squonk" and "Supper's Ready" (From the album "Foxtrot"). The opening of the song was intended to be a completely different song titled "It's Yourself" which was eventually released as a B-Side.

Entangled - single cover

The band started a new world tour with Yes drummer Bill Bruford as a replacement behind the drums. Another album by the four titled "Wind & Wuthering" was released but finally also Steve Hacket left the band to work permanently on his solo career. So they continued as a trio with the album "...And Then There Were Three..."!

The album reached #3 in the UK, #31 in the US and #7 in the Netherlands and proved the band could continue their success as a band in progressive rock without Peter Gabriel.

original album cover

A Trick Of The Tail (1976)
Dance on a Volcano / Entangled / Squonk / Mad Man Moon / Robbery, Assault and Battery / Ripples / A Trick of the Tail /Los Endos

It's Yourself

A Trick Of The Tail



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