"Southern Freeez" by Freeez Single cover 

In the 70's and 80's this music style evolved called Britfunk. The term was invented by club DJ's and James Hamilton of Record Mirror who owned a column in this weekly news paper promoting the Britfunk releases. Britfunk is a fusion of soul, funk and jazz. Most of the bands were from Afro-Caribean descent. Some record labels for this music style were Ensign, Elite, Beggars Banquet and Pink Rhythm. The first Britfunk hit in the UK was "Hi-Tension" by Hi-Tension. Followed by for example "British Hustle" also by Hi-Tension and "Southern Freeez" by Freeez.

Throughout the 80's many Britfunk bands became very famous like Freeez, Level 42, Shakatak and Imagination. The popularity kept on growing. But there was also a revival in the 90's with Icognito "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Think" which was a cover of a song by Stevie Wonder from the 70's. In 2017 ex members of Hi-Tension, Light Of The World and Beggar & Co formed the revival band: The Brit Funk Assocation which peformed a collected repertoire of their hits.

Level 42 debut album cover

Level 42
They don't need an introduction. They were formed on the Island of Wight in 1979 and their first 5 albums were pure britfunk. They scored hits like "Love Games", "Starchild", "Something About You", "Lessons In Love" and many more.


Founded by John Rocca and released 3 albums of which the last album was a complete change of style and John already left the band by that time. Their first album was Britfunk in the purest form including hits like "Southern Freeez" and "Flying High". Their second album included the worldwide hit "I.O.U.".

Photo shoot for debut album "Body Talk"

Lee John worked as a backing vocalist for the Delfonics, Chairmen Of The Board and the Velvelettes and founded the band with Ashley Ingram and Error Kenedy (who drummed in Typical Funk Band that would become Central Line). They scored many hits inlcuding "Body Talk", "Flashback", "Just An Illusion" and "Music And Lights".

Shakatak "Night Birds" album cover

They adopted the name of record store in Soho, London. They scored hits including "Easier Said Than Done",  "Night Birds" and "Down On The Street".

Average White Band
They were known for their instrumental hits "Pick Up The Pieces" and "Cut The Cake". The band included session drummer Steve Ferrone who played with many bands like Duran duran.

Single cover of "British Hustle" by Hi-Tension

They formed in North West London whose members include Phil Fearon and David Joseph. Phil Fearon also played in Galaxy before Hi-Tension and Hott Wax after Hi-Tension. Phil also joined the Rah (Richard Anthony Hewson) Band that scored with "Clouds Across The Moon".

Light Of The World
Their band was named after the title of an album from 1974 by Kool And The Gang. Including guitarist Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick who later formed Icognito and was a member of Beggar & Co. ("Somebody Help Me Out"). The band scored hits with "London Town", "I Shot The Sherrif" (Bob Marley cover) and  "I'm So Happy" / "Time.

"Walking Into Sunshine" single cover - Central Line

Central Line
Evolved from the band TFB (Typical Funk Band) that included also members of Light Of The World and Imagination drummer Error Kenedy. They scored hits with  "Walking Into Sunshine" and "Nature Boy".

Lynx's "Intuition" album cover

This band included lead vocalist David Grant who later did 2 successfull duets with Jaki Graham "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love" and "Mated". Their biggest hits were "You're Lying", "Intuition" and "So This Is Romance".

Mezzoforte's "Surprise Surprise" album cover

Not from the UK but indeed from Iceland. They where heavily influenced by the Britfunk movement and addopted the style. Their biggest instrumental hits were "Garden Party" and "Rockall".

Freeez - Southern Freeez

Linx - Intuition

Hi-Tension - British Hustle

Shakatak - Easier Said Than Done

Imagination - Just An Illusion

Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces

Mezzoforte - Garden Party