The golden age of wireless

In my old blog I already reviewed the debut album from Thomas Dolby but over the years I appreciated the album more and more and therefore I decided to do justice by reviewing it again.
The Fallout Club - Pedestrian Walkway EP
Thomas Morgan Robertson started his career as session musician in 1980/1981. He was part of the band Bruce Woolley and the Camera Club, The Fallout Club and worked with Lene Lovich. Especially with Foreigner for which he composed the intro for their song “Waiting For A Girl Like You”. The rest is history. He continued to boost careers of others later in his career like Prefab Prout as producer or session musician.
Radio Silence single
What can I say about “The Golden Age Of Wireless”. It is the best synth pop album of the 80’s ever released. Other artists in this area are Gary Numan, Human League, Heaven 17, Eurythmics, OMD, etc. In most cases the earlier albums of these artists are pure synthpop beauties. Perhaps Thomas didn’t had so many hit singles like them but his songs and especially of this debut album are masterpieces from this period. He released some exclusive singles before the album which are now collected on the 2009 remaster as well. For example the double A-Side single “Urges/Leipzig”.
Urges / Leipzig single
The album didn’t do well when it came out but when he scored a wordwide hit with the exclusive single “She Blinded Me With Science” and EP “Blinded By Science” a new tracklisting was made including SCIENCE and it finally reached the world.
She Blinded Me With Science single

The song SCIENCE featured the tv professor Magnus Pyke who also starred in the promo video. Highlights are “Radio Silence”,  “Airwaves” and “The Wreck of the Fairchild”. Synth pop was about wires and self made synths because they were still very expensive those days. A monophonic synthesizer and 2-track tape deck was all they needed.

The Golden Age Of Wireless (2009 remaster)
Flying North / Commercial Breakup / Weightless / Europa and the Pirate Twins / Windpower / The Wreck of the Fairchild / Airwaves / Radio Silence / Cloudburst at Shingle Street / One of Our Submarines / She Blinded Me with Science / Radio Silence / Urges / Leipzig / Urban Tribal / Therapy/Growth / Airwaves (Demo) / Sale of the Century (Demo) / Pedestrian Walkway (Demo)
Airwaves by Thomas Dolby
Pedestrian Walkway by The Fallout Club

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