Brilliant trees

Video of "Red Guitar" directed by Anton Corbijn
David Sylvian's real name is actually David Alan Batt. Just like his brother Steve Batt(AKA Jansen) they were part of the band Japan. They both adopted an artist name. So it was unclear that they were brothers. Japan was one of the most influential bands ever for many artists including the Simple Minds, Duran duran and more. Sylvian, Karn, Barbieri, Jansen en Dean started out as a funky punk band and ended as a new romantic band. The band broke up because of artistic disagreements. But on the last Japan album "Tin Drum" David Sylvian found his own sound and that paved the way for a solo career.
Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music - Single by Sylvian/Sakamoto
Forbidden Colours - Single by Sylvian/Sakamoto
First David released two singles with Ryuichi Sakamoto (YMO). The first one was “Bamboo Houses/Bamboo Music” and the second one was "Forbidden Colours", theme from the movie "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence" starring David Bowie and Sakamoto.
The Ink In The Well - single
In 1984 he finally released his first debut album titled "Brilliant Trees" and still the best album he ever made.
Original album cover
With the soundscapes from Holger Czukay (CAN) building the perfect atmosphere for the album together with John Hassels’ trumpet solo’s. His brother Steve plays on the drums. Mark Isham plays trumpet on "Red Guitar" and "Pulling Punches". Produced by Roxy Music producer Steve Nye. The first part is funky and jazzy while the second part is ambient in style.
Pulling Punches - Single
The album starts with "Pulling Punches" which resembles the sound of Japan. "The Ink In The Well" a slow poetic song, "Nostalgia" about holding on to the past with great african sounds. "Red Guitar" that was released as the first single reaching #17 in the UK charts accompanied by a great promo video directed by Anton Corbijn. "Weathered Wall" and "Brilliant Trees" with the brilliant trumpet soundscapes from John Hassel and finally the experimental "Backwaters".
Album cover - Remastered edition
Brilliant Trees
Pulling Punches / Ink In The Well / Nostalgia / Red Guitar / Weathered Wall / Backwaters / Brilliant Trees

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