Homegrown - unreleased album

Abum cover already designed in 1975
 Neil Young stalled many songs and 3 albums throughout his career. These 3 unreleased albums are: Homegrown (1975),  Chrome Dreams (which is now released as "Hitchhiker" from 1976) and Oceanside-Countryside (1977). Many songs of these albums eventually have been performed live or released on other albums. And of course on many bootlegs which include mostly tracks from all these three albums. The albums have become legendary over the years because of the songs that eventually were released. Another example of such an album is Smile from the Beach boys which have been released recently and was shelved for many years which was the album to be released after "Pet Sounds" also fully produced by Brian Wilson. But back in 1967 the band was not optimistic about the difficult and long recording procedures Brian Wilson also used during "Pet Sounds".
Homegrown was ment to be the bridge between Harvest and Comes A Time. Neil decided not to release the album in 1975 because it was too personal and dark. He eventually released the album "Tonight's The Night" instead which was recorded just before "Homegrown" and was also shelved.

He wrote the songs for Homegrown after his relation whith Actress Carrie Snodgress ended after she left with another man. They have a son with called Zeke. But in 2020 the album will be released only on vinyl according to the website of Neil Young just like "Time Fades Away" which was released also only on vinyl. So no CD versions will be released until now.

Other possible album cover designed in 1975
Separate Ways / Try / Mexico / Love is a Rose / Homegrown / Florida / Kansas / We Don't Smoke It / White Line / Vacancy / Little Wing / Star of Bethlehem

The songs that were already released on other albums:

"Star of Bethlehem" – released on American Stars 'n Bars in 1977
"Homegrown" – released on American Stars 'n Bars in 1977
"Love is a Rose" – released on Decade in 1977
"Little Wing" – released on Hawks & Doves in 1980
Little Wing
White Line from the live album "Songs for Judy"


The album is mentioned to be released in the future as well. There has never been a clear tracklisting be published. The songs mentioned below are possible songs for that album.

"Sail Away" - released on Rust Never Sleeps in 1979
"The Old Homestead" – released on Hawks & Doves in 1980
"Love-Art Blues" would see release live on CSNY 1974
"Lost In Space" - released on Hawks & Doves in 1980
"Coast Line" - released on Hawks & Doves in 1980
"Deep Forbidden Lake" – released on Decade in 1977
"Through My Sails" - released on Zuma in 1975
"Midnight On The Bay" - released on Long May You Run in 1976
"Ocean Girl" - released on Long May You Run in 1976
"Country Home" - released on Ragged Glory in 1990
"Evening Coconut" - unreleased and performed on the Stills/Young tour
"Big Waves" - early version of "Powderfinger" and unreleased
"Hawaiian Sunrise" - performed at the 1974 CSN&Y tour
"Homefires" - performed at the 1974 CSN&Y tour

Read more about next year's release of Homegrown here.

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