London conversation

John Martyn performance in 1968
John Martyn was a son of 2 opera singers who divorced when he was five years old. He was born as Iain David McGeachy in New Malden, Surray. His music career started when he was 17 years old in the 60's in London and became a well known key figure in the british folk scene. In 1967 he signed with Chris Blackwell's Island Records and released his first album titled "London Conversation".

London Conversation was recorded when he was just 20. The album was recorded for only £ 158. The cover photo was taken on the roof of Chris Blackwell's Cromwell Road flat.
Cocain single cover
It is much more folk oriented than his later albums that integrate jazz and blues as well.
The album is accoustic with John on guitar and vocals. On "Rolling Home" he plays sitar. He wrote all the songs himself except for two: Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's Alright" and "Sandy Grey" from Robin Frederick. His own "Fairy Tale Lullaby" and "Back To Stay" are terrific. I personally favour this album of him the most. Influenced by Nick Drake and Bert Jansch. If you like those you will definitely love this album as well.
Album cover
London Conversation
Fairy Tale Lullaby / Sandy Grey / London Conversation / Ballad Of An Elder Woman / Cocain / Run Honey Run / Back To Stay / Rolling Home / Who's Grown Up Now / Golden Girl / This Time / Don't Think Twice It's Alright / She Moved Through The Fair

Fairy Tale Lullaby
Who's grown up now

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