With a kiss I’d pass the key

Full colour picture of album cover
 An album that is certainly overlooked from Kate Bush is “The Dreaming” that was released in 1982. It’s another self produced album. On the album she took in the place of many characters like an amateur robber (“There Goes A Tenner”), a Viet Cong soldier (“Pulling Out The Pin”), Harry Houdini’s wife (“Houdini”), and by the end of the album (“Get Out Of My House”) she’s lost her mind completely to the point where she begins to bray and snort like a fucking donkey. The album cover represents the song "Houdini" where Bess (Houdini's wife) gave him a kiss while she passed him a key he can use to liberate himself in his next magic trick.
Photo shoot for the "Sat In Your Lap" single
Commercially the singles of the album failed also in the UK, only one single (“Sat In Your Lap”) managed to reach the top twenty. But it was just the beginning of the new Kate Bush and with her next album she was fully accepted with her new style and “Hounds Of Love” managed to made her the big star again she always was. “The Dreaming” however comes closer to the style of her previous albums but with the use of synths. It’s all still there strings, Irish folk ("Night Of The Swallow") and fairytale kinda songs.
The Dreaming - Single
The album itself however reached #3 in the UK and #5 in the Netherlands.
The Dreaming
Sat in Your Lap / There Goes a Tenner / Pull Out the Pin / Suspended in Gaffa / Leave It Open / The Dreaming / Night of the Swallow / All the Love / Houdini / Get Out of My House

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