We are tigers in the dark

Go West was formed by Peter Cox and Richard Drummie in 1982 with some back up from Alan Murphy (guitar) and Tony Beard (drums). They had a lot of hit singles during the mid 80's and begin 90's. Their debut single immediately reached #5 in the UK and #41 in the US and also the debut album released in 1985 did very well.
We close our eyes - single cover
In the US they released an alternative version of the debut album titled “Bangs And Crashes”. Actor Sylvester Stallone was very impressed by the band and let them do a track for Rocky IV called “One Way Street”.
Call me - single cover
This album is very commercial from the beginning to the end. Who doesn't know "We Close Our Eyes" with the videoclip directed by Godly and Creme. Overall "Go West" is a bit better than it probably has a right to be, but Go West's follow up album, "Dancing On The Couch" benefits from more inventiveness in the song writing.
Original album cover
Go West
We Close Our Eyes / Don’t Look Down / Call Me / Eye to Eye / Haunted / S.O.S. / Goodbye Girl / Innocence / Missing Persons
Alternative US album Bangs & Crashes
Bangs & Crashes (US)
We Close Our Eyes(The Total Overhang Mix) / Man in My Mirror / Goodbye Girl / S.O.S.(The Perpendicular Mix) / Eye to Eye(The Horizontal Mix) / Ball of Confusion(live) / Call Me(The Indiscriminate Mix) / Haunted / Missing Persons(live) / Don't Look Down(The Stratospheric Mix) / One Way Street / Innocence(The Desperation Mix) 
We Close Our Eyes - video
Call Me - video

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