Country Life

Bryan Ferry lost his job in 1970 teaching ceramics at a girls' school for holding record listening sessions. That year he auditioned as lead singer for the progressive rock band King Crimson but although the band was impressed by his voice it didn't suit the sound of the band. Bryan advertised for a keyboard player to join him forming a band. Andy McKay replied to this advert but he only plays oboe and saxophone but he owned a synthesizer. Instead he proposed his friend Brian Eno who could play keyboards. After some line up changes inluding John Wetton (King Crimson, Uriah Heep, UK, Asia), David O'List (The Nice) the band managed to get a record deal with the help of King Crimson members. The lineup at the time the first album was released included Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno, Andy McKay, Phil Manzanera, Graham Simpson and Paul Thompson. Brian Eno and Graham Simpson left the band after the first two albums and were replaced by Eddie Jobson and John Gustafson.
Eddie, Andy, Bryan, Phil and Paul
With this lineup including Eddie Jobson who already was in a band called Curved Air. He later joined King Crimson as well as his own band together with John Wetton mentioned in an earlier post of mine called U.K.
All I Want Is You - single cover
In 1974 Roxy Music released their fourth album and their first to enter the US charts at #37. In the UK it reached #3. The album is probably their most sophisticated and consistent album so far. The title of the album "Country Life" was also the name of a british lifestyle magazine. As usual the album cover again was displaying women. But this time very daring. Including two women of which one was half naked but covering her breasts with her hands. The album cover got censored in the US, Spain and the Netherlands only displaying the trees in the background of the two women.
Censored album cover
The opener "The Thrill Of It All" is the best Roxy album opener. The influence of country music can be heared on "Prairie Rose" a song about Bryan Ferry's girlfriend at that time Jerry Hall (Texan model) who appeared on the cover of the next album ("Siren"). The album only had one single titled "All I Want Is You" which reached #12 in the UK. Eddie Jobson's violin dominated "Out of the Blue" which became a live favourite. The dark Berlin cabaret stylish "Bitter Sweet" including a german verse. The medieval sounding "Triptych". "Casanova" and "A Really Good Time" are also really giving us a really good time when listening to it.

This is definitive the best album of the early avant garde rock period of Roxy Music!
Original album cover
Country Life
The Thrill of It All / Three and Nine / All I Want Is You / Out of the Blue / If It Takes All Night / Bitter-Sweet / Triptych / Casanova / A Really Good Time / Prairie Rose

Bitter Sweet / Triptych / Casanova

All I Want Is You

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