Feeling Stronger Every Day

Chicago was formed in 1967 first as Chicago Transit Authority but there was already a band named like that and after the first album the band name was shortened to Chicago. They made rock with jazz influences. In 1972 the band released V including the hitsingle "Saturday in the park (4th of July)". 20 Years later a festival would be named after the song. Held every year on a saturday as close to the 4th of July in Grandview Park Municipal Bandshell in Sioux City, Iowa.
Chicago's first 5 albums were all recorded in New York (except parts of Chicago II that were recorded in LA). VI was the first album to be recorded in producer James William Guercio's Caribou Ranch studio in the Colorado Rockies in 1973. The studio's were described by Robert Lamm as a creative monastery. The studio's were located at a height of 8000 feet and it was cold. This was very hard especially for the horn player of the band.

On the album every member can show their skills and is the beginning of a more commerical style.

Pankow writes love songs ("Just You 'N' Me") and even a political statement in "What's This World Comin' To".  Kath writes what seems like an ode to his dog, but is actually about false friends. "Jenny" is the only song he wrote and sings on the album.

The songs from Robert Lamm are about difficulties in his personal and professional live. Dealing with critics ("Critic's Choice"), people impressed by his fortune ("Something in This City Changes People") and Hollywood gossip ("Hollywood").

Peter Cetera sings on the hitsingle "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" as well as "In Terms of Two". Together with Pankow he wrote "Feelin' Stronger Every Day".
Feelin' Stronger Every Day - single

Chicago VI reached #1 in the US. The 2 songs released as single were also doing very well. "Feelin' Stronger Every Day" reached #10 in the US, #23 in the Netherlands and "Just You 'N' Me" reached #4 in the US.
Original album cover
VI (1973)
Critics' Choice / Just You 'n' Me / Darlin' Dear / Jenny / What's This World Coming To / Something in This City Changes People / Hollywood / In Terms of Two / Rediscovery / Feelin' Stronger Every Day
Feeling Stronger Every Day
Something In This City Changes People
Critic's Choice

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