Power, Corruption & Lies

In 1983 New Order released their second album titled "Power, Corruption & Lies". The album had a more synthesizer sound in accordance with their debut album "Movement" from 1981 that was released after the dead of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis. The were now moving away from the gothic sound from their previous band Joy Division that still is present on the first New Order album.

New order in 1983

Since 1977 Peter Hook (bass guitar), Stephen Morris (drums) and Bernhard Sumner (guitars) were Joy Divison together with Ian Curtis. Ian Curtis suffered with epilepsy and became very depressive. All together with a divorce he committed suicide. After Ian's death it was decided that Sumner should become the new lead vocalist and renamed the band to New Order. Morris' girlfiend Gillian Gilbert was invited to join the band as guitarist and keyboard player. In May 1982 their record company Factory wanted to open their own night club called "The Haçienda" that even had a catalogue number FAC51. New Order wrote the opening theme song titled "Prime 5 8 6". An early version of "586" including rhythm elements to be used again on "Blue Monday" and "Ultraviolence".

Back cover inluding full decoding information

The album covers designed by Peter Saville displays the catalogue number in a colour based code. The front cover displayed "A Basket of Roses" by French artist Henri Fantin-Latour. It is part of the National Gallery's permanent collection in London that was visited by Peter Saville who bought a postcard of the roses. The back cover displayed de circle of colours to decode the colours on te front but without the numbers and letters. The back of the cover was shaped like a floppy disk. That idea was fully presented in the cover of "Blue Monday".

Blue Monday - single cover (FAC 73)
The album remains a mysterious album with the beautiful packaging and not displaying the name of the band or title on the album cover. A phenomena that continued on the next albums and singles as well. They were against playbacking and refused to do so on TV performances. There were also no singles released from the album instead 3 exlusive singles were released: Blue Monday (only as 12" reached #3 in the Netherlands and #9 in the UK), Confusion (#12 in the UK) and Thieves Like Us (#18 in the UK). The second single from the album "Confusion" was produced by Arthur Baker who also produced a hit for Freeez with their "I.O.U.".

Confusion - Single cover (FAC 93)

Thieves Like Us - Single cover (FAC 103)

Orginal album cover (FACT 75)

Power, Corruption & Lies (1983)
Age of Consent / We All Stand / The Village / 5 8 6 / Your Silent Face / Ultraviolence / Ecstasy / Leave Me Alone

Blue Monday on TOTP 1983

Your Silent Face 

Thieves Like Us - at Pop Elektron 1984

Age Of Consent

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