Famous album/single covers by popart artists:

Limited edition album designed of Talking Heads - Speaking in tongues

The original album cover of "Speaking In Tongues" from the Talking Heads is designed by David Byrne. Illustration on the right bottom of the image above was a design for the album cover by Rauschenberg which wasn't used. Only a limited edition picture disc with artwork in a transparent cover was designed by Rauschenberg.

Genesis - "Duke"

Images on the album cover of Genesis' Duke were from Lionel Koechlin's book L'Alphabet d'Albert, published in 1979.

"Withou you" single cover from David Bowie designed by Keith Haring

Malcolm McLaren's "Duck Rock" also by Keith Haring (design on the background)

"Sticky Fingers" from the Rolling Stones
Velvet Underground & Nico album
Yes - "Fragile"
(William) Roger Dean was born on the 31st August of 1944 in Ashford, Kent. He is best know for posters and album covers in rock music especially Yes and Asia. His covers feature exotic, fantasy landscapes.
The Beatles - "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band"

Talking Heads - "Little Creatures"
Howard Finster was born on December 2nd 1916 in Valley Head, AL. who was famed for his often bizarre paintings and sculptures of angels, aliens an historical figures. He started at the age of 16 as a baptist minister and started painting in the 40's.
Blur - "Think Tank"