Fresh garbage from Spirit

In the mid 1960's the band The Red Roosters were formed by Guitarist Randy Wolfe, bassist Mark Andes and vocalist Jay Ferguson in Los Angeles. Wolfe moved to New York where he met Jimi Hendrix in Jimmy James and the Famous Flames. Hendrix changed Wolfe's name to Randy California. Then Hendrix was discovered by Chas Chandler who offered a record deal in the UK. Wolfe was invited to join Hendrix but his parents refused to allow the 15 years old Randy Wolfe to move to the UK.

Back in California Wolfe reunited with Andes and Ferguson to form Spirits Rebellious AKA Spirit. With Cassidy on drums and keyboardist John Locke, Spirit were signed by Lou Adler and released their self-titled debut in 1968 which reached #31 in the US. "Mechanical World" was released as a single. The album has influences of Jazz, latin, strings and psychedelica. The song "Fresh Garbage" was included on the CBS sampler album "The Rock Machine Turns You On" released that same year in the UK. Near the end of 1968 they released the single "I Got a Line on You" wich reached #25 in the US. In December they appeared at the Denver Auditorium with support band Led Zeppelin who incorporated parts of "Fresh Garbage" in their cover of Ragavoy's "As Long As I Have You". Jimmy Page used the acoustic guitar part of "Taurus" in "Stairway To Heaven" note for note which later lead to a lawsuit for copyright infringement because there were no credits for Randy California who wrote the song.

Group photo from the back of the album in colour

The album starts with "Fresh Garbage" a hit in Europe and an ecological ode from the green Spirit with latin influences. "Uncle Jack" sounds like early Pink Floyd material. Followed by their first single "Mechanical World" and then the instrumental "Taurus" with a familiar sounding acoustic guitar solo. "Girl In Your Eye" with eastern influences because of the use of the sitar. The album ends with the 11 minute "Elijah" which reminds us of King Crimson's "Moonchild". The album cover shows a collage of parts of the faces of all the band members.

Original album cover

Spirit (1968)
Fresh-Garbage / Uncle Jack / Mechanical World / Taurus / Girl in Your Eye / Straight Arrow / Topanga Windows / Gramophone Man / Water Woman / The Great Canyon Fire in General / Elijah

Fresh Garbage

Taurus / Mechanical World

Girl In Your Eye

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