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Brothers Ray and Dave Davies started their own band called the Ray Davies Quartet including also Pete Quaife and his friend John Start. They lived in Muswell Hill (north London). The band had many lead vocalists throughout their career including Rod Stewart who performed at least once in early 1962. Rod Stewart formed his own band Rod Stewart and the Moonrakers who became a local rival to the Ray Davies Quartet. Ray Davies shortly joined the Dave Hunt Band which shortly included Charlie Watts (later in the Rolling Stones) on drums. Then Ray switched to the Hamilton King Band (AKA Blues Messengers) including Peter Bardens (later in Camel) as their pianist. He also still played with the Ray Davies Quartet who changed the name to Ramrods then again as Ray Davies Quartet, Pete Quaife Band or the Bo-Weevils and finally as the Ravens. Then they begun working with producer Shel Talmy at signed a record deal with PYE Records. At the last moment they changed the name to the Kinks in 1963 with a line-up change for drummer Mick Avory. At the time they released their third single "You Really Got Me" they had their worldwide breakthrough. More hit singles followed. The first 3 albums were not so strong. 

Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - single cover

They developed their own unique style midway the 60's with the singles: "A Well Respected Man"(1965) and "Dedicated Follower Of Fashion"(1966).

Original album cover

Their fourth studio was their first album including that style that follows the pattern of their latest hit singles. It is titled "Face To Face" released in 1966. All songs were written by Ray Davies. Before the album the single "Sunny Afternoon" reached #1 in the UK and the Netherlands. "Sunny Afternoon" is about the bad tax climate in the 60's especially for pop artists who had to pay large amounts of taxes and some artists even decided to emigrate abroad to flee taxes. Other artists like the Beatles also wrote a song about this theme in "Taxman". The single "Dandy" reached #2 in the Netherlands.

In between "Face To Face" and the next album the singles "Dead End Street" and "Mister Pleasant" were also big hits.

Original album cover

The albums that followed are also among the best they ever did. In 1967 they released "Something Else By The Kinks" with pianist/organist Nicky Hopkins. Who played for so many bands in the 60's including the Who and the Rolling Stones. Backing vocals were done by Ray Davies'wife Rasa. The album includes the hit singles "Waterloo Sunset" (#2 in the UK and #1 in the Netherlands) and "Death of a Clown". "Death Of A Clown" was released as a single as Dave Davies solo single (reaching #3 UK / #2 NL). The album was completely produced by Ray Davies.

Original album cover

Then in 1968 the last album in the original line-up was released because Pete Quaife decided to leave the band after this. The album was titled "The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society". It was made of songs written and recorded in the previous two years. Themed around life in England. See my review for that album here.

So this is my top 3 in this specific order:

  1. Something Else By The Kinks
  2. The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society
  3. Face To Face

Face To Face (1966)
Party Line / Rosy Won't You Please Come Home / Dandy / Too Much on My Mind / Session Man / Rainy Day in June / A House in the Country / Holiday in Waikiki / Most Exclusive Residence for Sale / Fancy / Little Miss Queen of Darkness / You're Lookin' Fine / Sunny Afternoon /
I'll Remember

Something Else By The Kinks (1967)
David Watts / Death of a Clown / Two Sisters / No Return / Harry Rag / Tin Soldier Man / Situation Vacant / Love Me Till the Sun Shines / Lazy Old Sun / Afternoon Tea / Funny Face / End of the Season / Waterloo Sunset

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (1968)
The Village Green Preservation Society / Do You Remember Walter? / Picture Book / Johnny Thunder / Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains / Big Sky / Sitting By The Riverside / Animal Farm / Village Green / Starstruck / Phenomenal Cat / All Of My Friends Were There / Wicked Annabella / Monica / People Take Pictures Of Each Other


Tin Soldier Man
Mister Pleasant

Do You Remember Walter

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