Consequences of leaving 10cc

During the recording of the 10cc album "How Dare You" (1975) frictions started to increase between 2 parts of 10cc. Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman on one side and Kevin Godley and Lol Creme on the other side. Godley & Creme left the band to start work on a triple LP titled "Consequences"(1977). They felt that the music of 10cc became predictable and they wanted to explore new styles. A decision they would regret after a few years. For Creme this breakup was painful personally, because he and Eric Stewart were married to a pair of sisters of band member's wifes.

Peter Cook, Kevin Godley and Lol Creme in 1977

The album begun as a demonstration for the "Gizmotron". An electric guitar they have invented and was first used on "Old Wild Men" from the 10cc album "Sheet Music" (1974). They patented the instrument in 1975. Taped or permanently attached to the body of a guitar, the Gizmotron uses small, motor driven plastic/rubber wheels to make the strings vibrate, yielding resonant, synthesizer-like sounds from each string. Jimmy Page used it on Led Zeppelin's album "In Through The Out Door". Godley & Creme used it already during their time with 10cc but the songs didn't fit on the 10cc albums.

Promotion for Consequences 1977

Besides the use of the Gizmotron the album was also an concept album about a drunken solicitor Mr. Haig; he is negotiating the divorce between Walter Stapleton and his French wife Lulu, represented by Mr. Pepperman. They are continually interrupted by Mr. Blint, an eccentric composer, who lives below; when the building was restored he was the only tenant who refused to sell and a hole remains in Mr. Haig's floor which is, Blint's attic; it is through this hole that Blint addresses them. The divorcing couple are unaware that larger forces are at work; the world is being threatened by a meteorological disaster. The weather is possibly being used as a weapon in a global war and eventually it dawns on them that only Mr. Blint can save them with his knowledge of pyramids, music and the number 17. 

Photo from booklet inside album package

"Consequences" contained vocals by Sarah Vaughan ("Lost Weekend") and an extended comedy performance by Peter Cook. At first their plan was to hire more comedians including Peter Ustinov to perform on the album's spoken-word parts. But abandoned these plans because of the costs. The album was later also released in a shorter version with only 10 songs on one LP titled "Music From Consequences" in 1979. One single was released from the album titled "Five O'Clock In The Morning".

"An Englishman In New York" single cover

Their second album "L" didn't impress but in 1979 they scored their first european hit single with "An Englishman In New York" from the album "Freeze Frame". Also on these albums they used the Gizmotron.

Original album cover
Consequences (1977)
Seascape / Wind / Fireworks / Stampede / Burial Scene / Sleeping Earth / Honolulu Lulu / The Flood / Five O'Clock In The Morning / When Things Go Wrong / Lost Weekend / Rosie / Office Chase / Cool, Cool, Cool / Cool, Cool, Cool (Reprise) / Sailor / Mobilization /  Please, Please, Please / Blint's Tune (Movements 1-17) 

Original album cover

Music From Consequences (1979)
Five O'Clock In The Morning / When Things Go Wrong / Lost Weekend / Cool, Cool, Cool / Sailor / Rosie / Sleeping Earth / Honolulu Lulu / The Flood / Burial Scene

5 O'Clock In The Morning

Honolulu Lulu

Consequences in the news in 1977

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