The dark horse

In 1974 George Harrison was rehearsing for a North American tour and worked on his fifth studio album at the same time. He seperated from his wife Pattie Boyd leading to a divorce in 1977. Meanwhile he was having an affair with Ringo Starr's wife Maureen and Ron Wood's wife Krissy. In 1977 Pattie married to Eric Clapton. His relationships attracted the tabloid press and George used the term dark horse to describe himself.
On "Dark Horse" he moved away from the spiritual influence of his previous 2 albums. It included the hit singles "Dark Horse" (US #15) and "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" (Netherlands #10). He founded his own record label Dark Horse Records where he signed Ravi Shankar and a group called Splinter. Harrison was drinking heavily and had returned to his drug-taking ways of the 1960s. 

In January he first visited India for 2 months to prepare Ravi Shankar's Music Festival from India to come to Europe. Ravi would also join George on his North American tour.

The song "Dark Horse" tells about his relationships and divorce from Pattie. Particularly "Sad Song" is about Pattie Boyd. "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" was inspired by inscriptions at his Friar Park home. The song rings out the old and ring in the new. "Simply Shady" is about moving away from his spiritual lifestyle. "It Is 'He' (Jai Sri Krishna)" in comparison was inspired on a visit together with Ravi Shankar to the holy Hindu city Vrindavan. "Far East Man" was a song he co-wrote with Ron Wood for Wood's debut solo album. On "Bye Bye Love" he was covering the Everly Brothers in his own unique style  with some added lyrics referring to Eric Clapton. 

Inner gatefold walking in the park with Peter Sellers

The album cover was done in the style of the Sgt. Pepper album with a Mony Python's Flying Circus touch. The inner gatefold contains a photo of Harrison and comedian Peter Sellers walking beside a lake at Friar Park. The back of the cover displayed George sitting on a bench in Friar Park.

Original album cover

Backside of album cover
It is one of his lasts good and personal albums. It managed to reach #4 in the US and #5 in the Netherlands. Strangely enough it wasn't a succes in the UK.

Dark Horse (1974)
Hari’s On Tour (Express) / Simply Shady / So Sad / Bye Bye, Love / Maya Love / Ding Dong, Ding Dong / Dark Horse / Far East Man / It Is ‘He’ (Jai Sri Krishna)

Ding Dong, Ding Dong
Dark Horse

Bye Bye Love

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