Deceptive bends

After recording the first song for the fifth 10cc album "Deceptive Bends", titled "Voodoo Boogie" and renamed later to "People In Love", the tensions between the 2 duos within the band reached its peak. Therefore Godley & Creme left 10cc to record their triple album "Consequences". Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman decided to record 2 more songs "The Things We Do For Love" and "Good Morning Judge". As a result of that they decided to continue 10cc with drummer Paul Burgess who already drummed with the band on tour. They recorded songs in their new studio: Strawberry Studios South. They didn't become 5cc but a better simple straigh forward sounding 10cc. Although the experimental songs are still there like "Honeymoon With B Troop". These songs were released as single and achieved worldwide success. Eric and Graham proved they could do it without Godley & Creme.

The Things We Do For Love - single cover

"The Things We Do For Love" (UK #6, NL #13, US #5)

Good Morning Judge - single cover

"Good Morning Judge" (UK #5, NL #12, US #69)

People In Love - single cover

"People In Love"(UK #51, US #40)

The title of the album was taken from a traffic warning for dangerous curves going southbound on the A24 between Leatherhead and Dorking in Surrey. The album cover was made by Hipgnosis and refers to the problems for divers going up to quickly called the bends aka De-compression Sickness (DCS) . The song "Feel The Benefit" is a 11+ minute song like "One Night In Paris" on the album "Original Soundtrack" split into parts. The first part is inspired by the Beatles, the second part is in the style of  reggae and latin which will become a trade mark of the band like on "Dreadlock Holiday". The last part refers back to part 1 as a final.

Inside of the album cover

"Good Morning Judge" with a beautiful promo video about a fictional courtroom trial where Eric is alleged to steal a car, Love ballads "Marriage Bureau Rendezvous" sung by Graham and "People In Love" by Eric, "Honeymoon With B Troop" is rather short but one of their best songs.

Backside of the album

The album reached #3 in the UK, #4 in the Netherlands and #31 in the US.

Original album cover

Deceptive Bends (1977)
Good Morning Judge / The Things We Do for Love / Marriage Bureau Rendezvous /People in Love / Modern Man Blues / Honeymoon with B Troop / I Bought a Flat Guitar Tutor / You've Got a Cold / Feel the Benefit: I: "Reminisce and Speculate", II: "A Latin Break", III: "Feel the Benefit"

Honeymoon With B Troop

The Things We Do For Love

Good Morning Judge

People In Love - live 1977

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