Curved air was a band formed in 1970 by musicians from different artistic backgrounds. Their music styles were progressive rock, psychedelic, folk, classical and fusion. The group evolved out of the band Sisyphus formed by Darryl Way (violin) and Francis Monkman (keyboards/guitar). Pianist Nick Simon, bassist Rob Martin and drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa were added to the line-up.

Sonja Kristina was the final ingredient to complete and transform into Curved Air. Sonja was a folk artist who played in a London Stage version of the musical Hair. Nick Simon left the band by then.

The band in 1971

The name of the band came from the album title "A Rainbow In Curved Air" from 1969 by the minimalist artist Terry Riley. The rainbow is visible in the album cover of their second album and has a minimalistic representation of the title and band name.

Terry Riley's "A Rainbow In Curved Air"

Their first album "Air Conditioning" was the first picture disc released commercially in the UK and reached #8 in the UK. They also release a single "It Happened Today". Rob Martin left the band due to a hand injury and was replaced by Ian Eyre.

'Back Street Luv" single covers

Curved Air released their second album simply titled "Second Album" and reached #11 in the UK. The single of that album "Back Street Luv" reached #4 in the UK. A third exclusive single "Sarah's Concern" didn't impress. Normally a second album is always hard to follow up the debut album but for Curved Air it is a big improvement. To promote the album the band did 3 US tours and built a cult following over there.

The A side of the album has songs by Way and the B side had songs by Monkman. They were never able to write songs together and eventually a split within the band was forming between the 2 founders.

Young Mother" started as a song by Way, Monkman, and Pilkington-Miksa's pre-Curved Air band, Sisyphus. "Back Street Luv" was released as a single and became the best known song by the band. "Jumbo" is a classical ballad.

"Piece of Mind" has classical music influences.

US album cover

In 1973 the founders left the band and were replaced first by Eddie Jobson (later with Roxy Music and U.K.) on violin and later also drummer Stewart Copeland (later with the Police).

Original album cover

Second Album (1971)
Young Mother / Back Street Luv / Jumbo / You Know / Puppets / Everdance /Bright Summer's Day '68 / Piece of Mind

Back Street Luv in Beat Club.


Young Mother